Bioclones Pioneering Success
Bioclones is a research, development
and production biotechnology company within the Sekunjalo Group, with its core business focused on the development and manufacture of quality, cost-effective and modern biotechnology products for human pharmaceutical use.

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Advances in immunology over the last five years, in particular an replica watches uk understanding of some of the mechanisms involved in the cellular immune response has, and is providing new insight into approaches to the regulation and enhancement of the cellular immune response in man.  Major groups of illnesses for which medicine has had incomplete, inadequate or no effective treatment, such as chronic virus infections, chronic parasitic diseases, autoimmune diseases, metastatic neoplasia and others, have as a common factor, failure of the cellular immune response.  Bioclones is committed, via proprietary technology, to the development of immunotherapy for these conditions.

The Bioclones Human Dendritic Cell Unit, housed in the University of Pretoria, has the technology in place for the isolation, growth, antigen pulsing and maturation of human chanel replica dendritic cells.  The facility is being upgraded to meet cGMP requirements for a facility of this sort prior to the initiation of a dendritic cell vaccine clinical trial.  Bioclones also has proprietary, patent-protected technology which is aimed at stabilization of the antigen presented by mature dendritic cells to potentiate the cytotoxic lymphocyte response.

Control of the infectious diseases which ravage Africa and other developing countries by vaccination has proven difficult due to the need for refrigeration and injection of conventional chanel replica vaccines. The absence of widespread infrastructure to allow for this, and other reasons, have resulted in the failure of public health vaccination programmes.

Bioclones has developed proprietary chanel replica technology patented in the USA, EEC and elsewhere which may afford an opportunity to develop oral vaccines. This technology is based on modification of normal peptides and peptide antigens to reduce proteolytic enzyme attack and/or facilitate absorption.

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